Pediatric Dentistry - Mankato, MN.

Pediatric dentistry involves the care, diagnosis, and treatment of children from birth until adulthood. Taking good care of a child’s primary dentition (baby teeth) is important for a number of reasons:

  • Primary teeth have very large, internal pulp chambers and thin enamel. This makes decay, when it is present, spread more quickly than in adult teeth and puts primary teeth at higher risk for infection if problems are not detected early.
  • Primary teeth also serve an important role in preserving space for adult teeth and regulating how quickly they develop and erupt.
  • Finally, a child’s early experiences with the dentist shape can their attitude about the regular dental care for the rest of their lives. This makes having a positive first experience very important.

Our dentists, hygienists, and assistants are highly experienced at working with young children. We go out of our way to make the experience fun, friendly, quick and easy, so that children see a visit to our office as something to look forward to. We have a kid friendly reception area with many books and toys (plus coffee for tired parents), and a well stocked treasure chest and sticker dispensers for after the visit.  Read below to see what others have to say about their children’s experiences at our office!

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High Quality Service

We have been going to OZ Family Dentistry for 18+ years. There is no one better. Everyone is extremely friendly and kind. Dr. Dan is great with the kids and knows just what to say to them to make them feel at ease. (Published on RateABiz)