Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings

Composite fillings are used to directly restore decayed, chipped, or aesthetically compromised teeth. They use a natural-looking material that blends seamlessly with existing tooth structure. These restorations used to be used primarily on anterior teeth (those visible from the front) but advances in material sciences and techniques have made them an excellent restorative choice for all teeth.

Composite fillings are offer many advantages over silver or gold restorations.

  • They are often undetectable, allowing restored teeth to look completely natural
  • Because they chemically bond to tooth structure, they remove the need to cut specific angles and shapes into a tooth to hold a filling in place. This allows dentists to remove less tooth structure when completing a filling.
  • Because of this bonding, these fillings can even help to strengthen compromised teeth and reduce the future risk of fracture.

Our dentists have extensive experience using composite to achieve beautiful, long lasting results, and this material is a mainstay of our practice.

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