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Our Christmas Letter 2015!

2015 was an exciting year at Oz Family Dentistry! First and  foremost, we were fortunate to be able to add two absolutely  amazing members to our clinical team: Lauren and Marissa!

Lauren is a registered dental hygienist who graduated from MSU and has been a great addition to our team. If you were  at Kiwanis Holiday Lights this year, you may have seen either  Lauren or her husband, Alec, along with their new goldendoodle, Murphy! If you’ve already had Lauren as your hygienist, you know she is kind, careful, gentle, and a great person to visit with.











Marissa is our newest licensed dental assistant, and she is a Blue Earth County native with deep roots in the local community. Even if you don’t know her, she very likely knows you or someone you’re related to! She loves our patients, with whom we often find her deep in conversation when we return from another room.











Our spring and fall were both marked by our usual, very competitive flower and pumpkin contests! We love hearing your feedback on our displays, and we hope you have as much fun seeing them as we have making them! Hopefully you got to vote, because when things get neck and neck it counts:


CAM05269-1 (1)



(The candy corn pumpkin met a tragic, raccoon related end)

With fall came the Marathon, and we were proud to be able to support the incredibly dedicated individuals who commit themselves to this epic task!




We had fun celebrating Christmas and the holidays as an office, and were also delighted to make some updates to our waiting area, including some (VERY) comfortable new furniture and a wi-fi station for our guests to browse the internet or take care of business if they arrive a little early.

Christmas Group

(No. The doctors are not holding hands)



And we can’t forget Kiwanis Holiday Lights! Hopefully you got the chance to get out and see this amazing spectacle, which Oz Family Dentistry is proud to be a part of every year. Just in case you question our commitment, here is a picture of Dr. Eric and his wife, Jennifer, doing whatever needs to be done to bring in donations for this very worthy cause!

2016-01-11 11.16.14


Thanks for being loyal patients this year! As always, our greatest delight was in being able to serve such a diverse and fantastic group of people from this wonderful area.

Happy New Year and we’ll see you soon!


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